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November 29 2020

The project “MAINSTREAM SIGHIȘOARA – European investment for social inclusion” (SMIS Code 102559) took place over a period of 37 months, August 16, 2017 – November 31, 2020, and had as general objective, promoting equal access to integrated education measures, employment, entrepreneurship, medical and social services, issuance of identity and property documents, housing rehabilitation and anti-discrimination for people in the peri-urban area of Sighisoara, where there is a population belonging to the Roma minority.


  • Fighting post-employment discrimination of Roma and supporting their inclusion at the workplace
  • Supporting local authorities in implementing existing anti-discrimination legislation and policies for Roma inclusion in the field of housing
  • Facilitating efforts to better inform Roma of their rights and facilitating efforts in accessing social housing
  • Promoting anti-discrimination legislation and policies for Roma inclusion in the field of housing and Roma post-employment inclusion practices


The project is addressed to different categories of target groups, among which: 40 HR and middle management representatives from 8 companies who will benefit from training and support in the inclusion of Roma at the workplace, Roma and non-Roma employees; 30 local public authorities (LPAs) who will benefit from consultance in the implementation of the existing anti-discrimination legislation and policies for the inclusion of Roma in the field of social housing; 30 local experts for Roma who will benefit from training in the field of housing / social housing; 30 persons from 15 NGOs that will be trained in monitoring, reporting and preventing forced evictions; other interested local public authorities (LPAs), NGOs, companies, activists, bodies with roles in the inclusion of Roma and professionals in the fields of employment and social housing.


GUIDE – Obligation not to discriminate through housing policies

Guide for local public authorities to develop non-discriminatory allocation criteria and to carry out their duties with regard to social housing.

GUIDE – Why and how to access social housing

Guide for elaborating a social housing application file for civil society representatives, experts with responsibilities in Roma inclusion, persons interested in accessing social housing.

GUIDE – Why is it illegal and illegitimate to leave evacuated people without housing alternatives

Guide for the prevention of forced evictions for representatives of local public authorities, civil society and experts with responsibilities for Roma inclusion.